Josephine Carstensen


Josephine Carstensen is an Assistant Professor in the Department Civil and Environment Engineering at MIT. She has received numerous awards for both research and teaching, including the NSF CAREER Award and the MIT CEE Maseeh Award for Excellence in Teaching. She received her PhD from Johns Hopkins University and holds a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. from the Technical University of Denmark.

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Talk : Tailoring Topology Optimization to Advanced Manufacturing

Recent years have seen a rapid development within manufacturing technologies, easing fabrication of increasingly complex material architectures, components, and structures. This has resulted in a need for novel design methods that match the new manufacturing paradigm. Topology optimization offers a means to leverage these new possibilities. It is a free-form design approach in which a formal optimization problem is posed and solved using mathematical programming. Although manufacturing has been revolutionized, there are still fabrication limitations. This talk will discuss the need for incorporating relevant manufacturing and behavioral considerations if high performance of optimized, fabricated designs is to be achieved. Focusing on manufacture using material extrusion-based additive manufacturing processes and design of cellular material architectures, this talk will address inclusion of both (i) manufacturing constraints and (ii) relevant material behaviors. Cellular materials in this context refer to porous materials with a representative unit cell that is repeated in all directions. Material extrusion 3D printing processes are used in an array of additive manufacturing technologies. In extrusion-based printing, a nozzle with discrete size that moves across the build plate and deposits material on a 2D slice of the design. This talk presents the first topology optimization framework that includes a nozzle constraint. Additionally, a design framework that maximize the energy absorption of cellular material architectures made from bulk metallic glasses will be presented.